We're cooking up fresh, never-frozen meals with high quality ingredients and shipping them right to your door, with ZERO food waste. 

Canada's Only Coast-to-Coast

Each meal has a balanced nutrition profile from recipe to cooking


From our kitchen to your fridge.

Our trained chefs crafted delicious meals for you and your family to enjoy. All of our meals are cooked to order, shipped fresh and ready to eat.

Our meals are cooked for you so no extra time or cleaning required

Heat & eat

We've developed environment friendly cooking processes to minimize our impact

Zero waste

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Cooked Meal Delivery

A S   S E E N   IN

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0% Food Waste.

Cooked Meals Delivered,

Too tired to cook? Let us do all the work!


Zero Shopping, Chopping, Or Cleanup 

Skip the grocery store, meal prep and cooking. Simply heat and eat a fresh prepared meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner in just 3 minutes!

4 Reasons Why Ethey Is In Fresh Prepared Meal Delivery

With our chefs doing everything from planning the menu to sourcing the best ingredients, all you have to do your meals from 100+ delicious, nutritious options.

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0% Food Waste Production Process

All of our fresh meals are prepared with a closed-loop, 0% food waste production process, thanks to our hungry friends in the on-site worm farm.


As soon as we cook our meals, we send them to you fresh (not frozen) in a chilled box. All you have to do is heat, eat, and figure out what to do with all your new found free time.


Meals Delivered to your Door

Nick Spina

Founder & CEO, Ethey

Our goal is to save 1 Billion pounds of food waste. Every meal get us 1 pound closer!


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